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Home security tips

A few basic security precautions around the home can go a long way towards keeping thieves at bay and your property protected.

To reduce the opportunity for thieves to gain entry into your home, it is worthwhile considering the following security tips:

  • Ensure appropriate keyed locks are fitted to all doors and windows.
  • Even when you are outside, be sure to lock all doors and windows.
  • Lock gates, garages and sheds when not in use.
  • House keys, car keys and garage remote controls should be kept in a safe location. Thieves may use them to gain entry to your home or to steal your car.
  • Install and activate an alarm system.
  • Keep trees and bushes in front of doors and windows trimmed to avoid being used as hiding places.
  • Lock all garden tools and ladders away securely so they cannot be used to break into your home.
  • Don’t leave valuables in obvious places. Thieves often target jewellery boxes on bedroom dressers and other valuables in bedside drawers and cupboards.
  • Break down packaging of expensive items and place it in your bin. Don’t leave it next to your bin on the street.

Mark your valuable property

  • Use an engraver, ultra violet (UV) pen or microdots to mark property.
  • UV pens are best used for items that cannot be engraved e.g. ceramics, antiques etc.
  • Mark your valuables with your driver’s licence number, prefixed by the first letter of your state or territory.
  • Photograph jewellery with a ruler beside it to give an indication of the actual size.
  • Record all details on a property record and keep this in a safe place.