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When you share a tip through our online portal we make sure you stay completely anonymous!  |  Find out how

Our role in a better Territory

We are an independent not-for-profit registered charity that works closely with police, media and the public to help solve, reduce and prevent crime. We do that by collecting information shared with us by people in the community and pass on those tips to police and other law enforcement agencies to help make a safer community.

We are the trusted information reporting service and offer you a way to anonymously share what you know about unsolved crimes and suspicious activity.

Partnering with police

We're your trusted link between the community and police

Crime Stoppers is an independent charity that passes on your information to police for investigation.

Make a report

Sharing what you know with Crime Stoppers is easy

If you have information about an unsolved crime or suspicious activity you don't have to say who you are - just share what you know!

Crackdown on illicit guns

We are committed to keeping Territorians safe by stamping out gun violence in our communities as part of a national focus on illicit firearms.

How we work

You can help put the bite on criminals

Share what you know about unsolved crime and suspicious behaviour without having to say who you are or put yourself at risk.

Your support can make a difference

As an independent community organisation and registered charity, we rely on the generosity of organisations and individuals to help make a difference.

Child protection is everyone's responsibility

Have you seen inappropriate behaviour towards children online? Report abuse.

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We need everyday heroes to speak out – no special powers needed!

You can help solve and prevent crimes by sharing what you know, without saying who you are.