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When you share a tip through our online portal we make sure you stay completely anonymous!  |  Find out how

Our role in a better Territory

For more than 25 years we’ve been the trusted charity that gives you the option to anonymously share information about unsolved crime and suspicious behaviour. You can call our hotline on 1800 333 000 or anonymously share a tip with us online and we’ll then provide that information to police on your behalf.

Sharing what you know with us is the best way to keep you at arm’s distance, and means you don’t have to get involved.

Speaking up and staying safe

We'll share your information, so you stay at arm's length

We're a trusted charity that lets you anonymously share information, which we pass on to police on your behalf.

Staying safe online

Covering your tracks when visiting our website

For some people, contacting Crime Stoppers or even visiting our website may put them at risk.

Are you impacted by organised crime and the illicit drug trade?

They'll never know it was you who safely and anonymously reported to Crime Stoppers.

You can help stop grog-runners in their tracks

Grog-running is a lucrative black-market business that continues to undermine the health and safety of remote communities.

Indigenous communities encouraged to help solve and stop crime

We're here for everyone, and that includes indigenous and remote communities across the Territory.

Your support can make a difference

As a registered charity, we rely on the generosity of organisations and individuals to help make a difference.

Child protection is everyone's responsibility

Have you seen inappropriate behaviour towards children online? Report abuse.

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We need everyday heroes to speak out – no special powers needed!

You can help solve and prevent crimes by sharing what you know, without saying who you are.