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Indigenous communities engagement

Our campaign features artwork by a local indigenous artist, plus materials translated into some of the Territory’s most common languages.

We have a rich and diverse community in the Northern Territory, and with such a large indigenous population we are excited to build on our brand awareness and trust through our local communities.

Some people might not feel comfortable contacting police directly for a range of reasons. As an independent program, Crime Stoppers is a great alternative for people who want to do their bit to make their community safer without the pressure of giving their name, making a statement to police or going to court as a witness.

We know that indigenous communities are impacted by illegal grog running, drug dealers, assaults, domestic violence and theft. Crimes like these don’t happen in isolation. People often know who is responsible but aren’t sure where to turn – and Crime Stoppers empowers people to speak up for a safer community without putting themselves at risk.

Someone might feel something isn’t right or believe there are indications that some type of criminal activity is happening – like cars or people coming and going at odd hours. It’s important they understand that hard proof is not needed, but the more details provided the better.

Our campaign features artwork that ‘tells stories’ by local indigenous artist, Bettina Danganbarr, with a number of the materials translated into some of the Territory’s most common languages:

  • 3 x Southern languages: Warlpiri, Anmatyerr, Arrernte
  • 3 x Northern languages: Murrinh-Patha, Burarra, Kriol

This campaign forms part of a wider Indigenous Engagement Strategy. A number of merchandise items have also been developed which feature the artwork and have been distributed in Indigenous communities, including jigsaw puzzles, posters and flyers.

Download a hi-resolution pdf of our campaign posters by clicking on any of the images below.


Media are encouraged to support broadcasting messages (in language) by downloading files featured on this page.