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Multi-language materials help crackdown on illicit drug trade

Crime Stoppers has unveiled a suite of multi-language options to empower a broader section of the Australian community.

27.06.2023 News

As part of our national crackdown on organised crime syndicates and the illicit drug trade, Crime Stoppers has unveiled a suite of multi-language options to empower a broader section of the Australian community.

Developed in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Malay, Punjabi, Spanish and Vietnamese, a range of promotional materials are being distributed across the nation to encourage people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities to anonymously share information about the illicit drug trade.

Crime Stoppers NT Chair, Catherine Phillips, said it was important that all Australians were aware they could take a stand against the scourge of illicit drugs without putting themselves at risk.

“The 2021 Census results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that the nation is an increasingly multicultural society, with just over just over half of all Australians either born overseas or having a parent who was, so it’s vital to take our fight against illicit drugs to everyone in the community by developing materials in languages other than English,” Ms Phillips said.

“Our own research shows that people born overseas or who come from a non-English speaking background have lower levels of awareness of Crime Stoppers, despite the program now operating in 28 countries and being highly trusted in Australia for over 30 years,” she said.

“The illicit drug trade impacts everyone and doesn’t distinguish between cultural backgrounds, so it is important to tell everyone that they can anonymously share information with Crime Stoppers.”

“In coming weeks and months people can expect to see and hear language-specific videos and TV announcements, audio ads, posters and advertising in a range of languages at home, work, when out socialising and at community events and activities.”

In Australia, someone contacts Crime Stoppers every minute with information about unsolved crimes and suspicious activity, leading to an average of 100 apprehensions by police every week across the nation.

“When people contact Crime Stoppers, we don’t trace phone calls or record an IP address if they choose to make an online report, which means no-one will know who it was that contacted us.”

The national illicit drugs campaign is funded by the Australian Government through a $3.55m Proceeds of Crime Act grant, which means seized criminal assets are being used to disrupt the national illicit drug supply market.

More about the campaign can be found here.

Anyone with information about illicit drug supply or trafficking can anonymously contact Crime Stoppers by reporting online or calling freecall 1800 333 000.