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Easter home security tips

A number of basic security tips will help keep burglars at bay.

14.04.2022 News

With plenty of Territorians set to enjoy a well-deserved Easter getaway and make the most of relaxed pandemic restrictions, Crime Stoppers NT is encouraging people to do a few basic security precautions around the home to keep thieves at bay and property best protected.

There are some basic security precautions that should be taken as part of any holiday planning to protect your home and belongings, and avoid coming home to a nasty surprise.

Crime Stoppers NT recommends the following tips for homeowners to consider:

Lock up before you leave
Unlocked windows and doors continue to be the biggest security weakness for many burgled Australian homes, so double-check that all windows and doors are actually locked. Also make sure that sheds, garage doors, and side gates are all locked too.

Consider a home security system
When it comes to choosing a home security system, it can be as simple or as complex as you want. Options range from an intruder alarm that covers entry points like windows and doors, through to a wireless security alarm system with motion sensors that can be easily installed to protect a home and garage. The tech-savvy might even want to opt for a closed-circuit camera to film any unwelcome guests that can be accessed via a smartphone app that sends an alert when an intruder is detected. And if you already have a security system, check to make sure it is working properly, and remember to turn it on!

Hide away spare keys
There are still people who choose to leave a spare house key tucked away in a plant pot or under the mat – and thieves know the most likely hiding places. Instead, give a spare set of keys to someone you trust instead. If you have any cars left at home while you’re away, lock them in a shed, carport or behind a fence rather than leaving them on the road. It is a good idea to hide the keys or take them with you to prevent thieves breaking into your home, stealing keys and making off with your vehicle.

Install outdoor sensor lights
Because outdoor sensor lights are activated by movement, they are a great way to spotlight any would-be thief lurking in the shadows. Being illuminated for neighbours and passers-by to see is a sure way to deter burglars – so test them before heading away.

Mail and newspaper deliveries
Consider asking a trusted neighbour or family member to collect any mail while you’re away. Suspend any newspaper delivery to avoid any pile-ups in your front yard, because it is a clear sign that you’re not home.

Use light timers
A dark house is a sure-fire giveaway that you’re not at home, so invest in some light timers to turn your lights on and off at intervals to give a place that lived-in look.

Put away any outdoor equipment
Outdoor belongings may still be an attractive prize – so pack away valuable outdoor equipment and furniture, solar lights, sports gear and toys, and bicycles. It is a good idea to lock away any ladders or bins because they can be used to enter your home from a higher position, and don’t leave tools or garden implements outside for an opportunistic thief to use to smash their way inside.